Training in Switzerland

We work with very experienced certified flight instructors that can train you on your Husky, be it on wheels, skis or floats. All our CFI’s are certified mountain/glacier instructors and also have the necessary US FAA licence should you decide to keep your airplane N-registered.

Training in Wyoming, USA

It is a very unique and special experience to receive your new Husky directly at the Aviat Husky factory and to also take your first flights there with the factory test Pilot.

On site you will see how your Husky was produced and tested. You will meet all the Aviat aviation specialists and engineers who have built your Husky with passion and dedication. At the same time you have the chance to admire the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park from the air.

Use this opportunity and enjoy a special flying vacation in the US with your new airplane. Then, your Husky will be packed into a sea container by the Aviat specialists for shipping to Europe.